Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Well, it snowed again. School's out in Hickman County and most of Middle Tennessee and the kids are happy. Although this is the eight day they have missed due to snow. I hope they don't miss many more or they will have to make up some days. Our school system adds 11 days that they can miss due to weather. Usually we don't have much snow and they have several days left over, but this year has been unusual.

Centerville does not have the equipment to keep the roadways clear and the least bit of snow causes major problems. Most people in the Hickman County area - Lyles, Centerville, Bon Aqua - must drive elsewhere to work and it makes it hard on them. They can stay home and lose a day's work or drive and take a chance of wrecking their car.

Usually the real estate market is slow during the winter months, and this year is no exception and the weather has made it even tougher for a Realtor than usual - although I see signs that things are beginning to pick up. So, if you are looking for a house, or want to sell yours, give me a call and I can help you. Now is the time.

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