Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Centerville, Tennessee 2010 Quilt Show

Hickman County's 5th annual quilt show will be held on Friday, October, 1 and Saturday, October 2, 2010 at the First Baptist Church located at 100 Murphree Street. Only two blocks from the Centerville Square, the location is easy to reach. This years theme is Quilts...Homeward Bound. The quilts will be documented to be included in a quilt book. The hours of the show are Friday 12 pm to 6 pm and Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Everyone is invited to attend and view the wonderful quilts.

According to their new website "the show is free and parking is too."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Angie Laster On Youtube From Grinder's Switch Hour

Each week on Saturday, radio station KIX 96 (96.7 F.M.), has a live radio show from Centerville, TN. It is named the Grinder's Switch Hour, in honor of the town that Minnie Pearl made famous in her comedy routine. Yes, there really is a place called Grinder's Switch that is just outside the Centerville city limits in Hickman County.

This past Saturday, a local favorite, Angie Laster sang on the show. Her rendition of the Janis Joplin hit, "Me and Bobby McGee ' is good and I hope all of you that read this will click on the link on and listen to her. There are several of her songs on there. Listen to them also and tell your friends. You will like what you hear.

Angie Laster on the Grinder's Switch Hour

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have written this blog for a year or two. I started out and titled it But lately, I have written more about Hickman County, Tennessee than just Centerville. Therefore, I decided to create a blog that was more about the whole county than just one area of it. I don't know how often that I will post to it, although usually I post every week or two. Sometimes, I may make a statement that you don't agree with. That is OK. There is an old saying that if two partners agree all the time, one ain't needed.

If you want to see the new blog, go to and see what I have to say.

Things Improving In Hickman County

It seems as though everything is getting back to normal in Hickman County, Tennessee. Although normal for Hickman County is not necessarily a good thing. The Hickman County Times reported that a new Industrial Board has been hired - after the old one was fired by the legislative body. I think that most of the commissioners should be "fired. " Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike any of the members, it is just that they don't work together for the betterment of the county. And Vision 21 is a big joke in the county. I am all for the idea of Vision 21, but "do something." I talk to a lot of people, and most believe that the organization should be abolished.

I understand that this has been the most difficult recession since the "Great Depression," but, there does not seem to be any plan for the future. As the old saying goes, they are just "killing snakes."

The Centerville Jr. Pro. Baseball season is over. It will probably be the last game that Zack, my youngest will play. He will be too old next year. I don't think that he will play High School Baseball. He tried out for the Middle School Basketball team, but didn't make it - he is shorter than some of the others, but I believe that he is one of the best ball handlers around. And, you know how it goes, the best does not always get chosen because someone else's son or daughter wants to play - even though they are not as good others. I imagine it is that way everywhere, but it is especially true in a small town.

I guess I just wanted to rant today, sometimes it feels good just to let your thoughts and words take you where ever they want to.